Welcome to MaskedRepublic.com!

Bookmark the site and come back regularly as we have created it to be not only our corporate website, but a one-stop shop for lucha news, videos, officially licensed merchandise and more as we work daily with the Masked Republic mission in mind: to expand lucha libre beyond the borders of Mexico™.

Over the past year, Masked Republic has launched a number of new divisions and products including:

- Rudo Can't Fail: Lucha Libre & Lucha Culture Worldwide

The world's only monthly, English language lucha libre publication, Rudo Can't Fail has quickly become "must read" among lucha libre fans. The 40 page zine features news and results from around the world, interviews, feature articles on lucha libre's past, present and future, and insightful stories of lucha libre culture from film and comics to food and music. RCF is available by subscription at LuchaShop.com as well as at live events from top independent lucha libre promotions around the globe including Los Angeles' Lucha VaVOOM, UIPW and SBWA, Northern California's Pro Wrestling Revolution, Atlanta's Mucha Lucha ATL, New York's WUW, Toronto's LuchaTO and London's Lucha Britania. The zine can also be picked up monthly at The Mystery Island outside of Liverpool and at La Tienda Solar in Mexico City. We are also very excited to announce that with the release of RCF issue 9 in July, the zine will also be available worldwide in digital format! Now fans on every continent and in ever corner of the globe will be able to get RCF right at their fingertips on their computer, Apple and Android devices.

- Lucha Loot

One of the principles on which Masked Republic was founded was that we should work directly with luchadores to help them create merchandise that could be both easily accessible to fans worldwide and allow them to receive royalties. After our most successful year ever for LuchaShop.com, in November of 2105, we launched subscription crate service Lucha Loot. Now, fans in literally any country can have a box of authentic, royalties paid to the luchadores, high quality lucha libre merchandise delivered direct to their door monthly! We work hard to curate crates that WE ourselves as lucha fans would want to receive and a quick search for "Lucha Loot unboxing" on YouTube will show you that we are doing just that! Starting at only $19.95/month (plus shipping) standard and deluxe versions (containing additional items) of the crate are available. All crates come with a commercial grade lucha libre mask, t-shirt, the latest issue of Rudo Can't Fail, an autographed 8x10 photo and more. Lucha Loot has ONLY 5 star reviews on Cratejoy.com and a subscription base that is growing monthly!

- Lucha PopCouture

In April 2015, we launched Lucha PopCouture, the ultimate pareja (tag team) of lucha libre and pop culture! With an array of lucha libre related t-shirts that play off of film, tv, along with pop culture trends and styles, Lucha PopCoture has quickly become a favorite not only among lucha libre fans - but luchadores/pro wrestlers themselves with superstars like AAA/Lucha Underground's Sexy Star and WWE's Sasha Banks sporting their favorite LPC apparel on social media (and not even being paid to do so!).

- RUDA Lifestyle

The summer of 2016 brings another new apparel line from Masked Republic, this one catered toward female fans & athletes. In the world of lucha libre a "rude" is a "bad girl" or "rule breaker." In the world of fashion and apparel, sporting the new RUDA Lifestyle line will let the world know that no matter what the situation, you are playing by your own rules - and having an attitude while doing it!

- MR x Collabs Initiative

In January of 2015, we launched the MR x Collabs initiative, bringing artists and luchadores together to create amazing officially licensed merchandise. Check out LuchaShop.com for MR x Palehorse, MR x Urban Aztec, MR x Scraped Resin and even more collaborations. Next up, we will be working to bring licensing opportunities that combine both luchadores represented by Masked Republic and our collaboration artists to major manufacturers and distributors in categories including apparel, designer toys, and beyond.

- Television/Entertainment Development & Production

We continue to develop more than a dozen series and properties from live action lucha libre to comedy series, films, family entertainment and even two animated projects. With each project, Masked Republic seeks the right production partners and platforms in order to bring lucha libre and lucha influenced content to the masses. There has never been a better time for Masked Republic's development slate to move forward. As networks, studios and platforms look for how to draw Latino viewers & moviegoers, Masked Republic has the answers with properties that will attract the large, underserved and growing demographic - and far beyond. We are excited to be moving forward with a number of properties and look forward to being able to share them with our fans in the years to come.

- Television & Special Event Coordination

Masked Republic is honored to be one of the TV and film industry's "go-to" companies to provide coordination for productions looking to feature lucha libre scenes or themes. Additionally, when a special event needs luchadores to show up and put on a show - Masked Republic is always there to help coordinate. Highlights of MR coordinated events over the past year have included private corporate events in San Diego & Las Vegas, the La Bulla art show & cultural event in Los Angeles, Noche de Nacho (a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Nacho Libre) in Los Angeles, and CharityVision's "Fight Night 2" in Salt Lake City where our luchadores were featured along side Oscar De La Hoya, Mario Lopez and Mitt Romney! The night received media coverage worldwide after Romney (in full lucha libre costume) hit the ring to attack our luchadores only to be unmasked and take part in an unforgettable pose-down with them. From start to finish, Masked Republic and our luchadores coordinated and scripted the interaction keeping the former Governor of and presidential candidate safe, while providing a most memorable night for all in attendance at the fundraiser or watching worldwide via Golden Boy Promotions social media pages.

-Masked Republic